As we know, children are the key to the future. They determine the quality of a country, even the world. An adult is extensively shaped by their childhood, how they get love, adequate nutrition, proper education, and various other aspects that shape their identity. For this reason, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that every child can have a good quality of life, with nutrition as one of the determining aspects. The right to good nutrition, including for refugee children, is a basic right that every child has. They require special attention from us given the vulnerability they have.

Based on data released by UNHCR, as of December 2020, there were 13,745 refugees in Indonesia, 27% of whom were children. A total of 114 children from this percentage came alone or separated from their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a greater impact on refugees resulting in high rates of morbidity, mortality, hospitalization, and susceptibility as a result of complications from COVID-19 infection. This is due to very limited access to food, sanitation systems, and health facilities. This perceived limitation can develop into a serious nutritional deficiency condition if not addressed properly. Plus, there is currently no legal basis governing the welfare of refugees in Indonesia.

In response to this problem, SCORP CIMSA UI collaborated with UNHCR, in this case CWS, and MSF to hold It’s Youth!: It’s You Who Can Change The Future in order to welcome the International Day of World Peace 2021. The theme of It’s You(th)! this year is “malnutrition in refugee children”. The purpose of this activity is to increase youth awareness regarding the current condition of malnutrition in child refugees. With this activity, it is hoped that youth will realize how important their role is in contributing to child refugees.

The event consisted of several series and events, such as training, Instagram TV, campaigns, talk shows and webinars. Training for SCORP CIMSA UI members was held on September 11, 2021 with the topic The Right To Health For Refugees by one of the trainers from SCORP CIMSA UI. From this training, we hope that members can understand the rights of refugees as human beings.

Furthermore, a webinar and talk show was held on 19 September 2021 with the theme “Youth in Humanity towards World Peace” with a guest from MSF. A campaign was also held on September 21, 2021 by uploading films related to world peace on Instagram Stories. The existence of this activity is expected to further increase the awareness of youth regarding their role in world peace.

The last series of events, 28 September 2021, an educational video was uploaded on Instagram TV CIMSA UI in collaboration with Church World Service (CWS), which is one of UNHCR’s partners. In this video, the resource person explains the current condition of malnutrition in child refugees, especially in Indonesia. With the existence of Instagram TV, we hope that there will be an increase in the awareness of today’s youth.

Through this activity, we hope that young people can increase the knowledge and awareness of Indonesian youth about the situation of world peace and the condition of malnutrition in child refugees. Therefore, youth can initiate changes and contribute to the condition of refugees in Indonesia, because everyone has the right to get a proper and decent life.

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